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Acolyte (Altar Servers)

Acolyte Warden: Maceo Brown




In contemporary Anglicanism, ACOLYTE is a general term which covers not only servers, torchbearers, and lighters of candles but also crucifers, thurifers, and banner-bearers. Acolytes assist on the altar in various capacities.  (Taken from the national church's website)  Altar servers at The Historic St. Agnes Episcopal Church may serve as a crucifer (one who carries the cross), thurifer (one who carries the censer), torch bearer, banner bearer, or book bearer.

Duties of an Acolyte


Christmas: A Special Time of Year


Acolytes are extremely busy during the mass, especially Christmas Eve.  We Celebrate Christmas as we believe The Incarnation: the Word made flesh;  God, in human flesh, coming to live among us.  All current and former acolytes are invited to join the the celebration.  If interested or want additional information please complete the Acolyte Reunion Registration/RSVP.

Acolyte Reunion RSVP (12/24)

Order of Procession 

  1. The Verger, leads the procession
  2. If a banner is part of a procession, the bannerbearer places it in its stand.
  3. A thurifer, swinging the censer gently, processes at a steady pace several pews ahead of the crucifer.
  4. A crucifer holds the cross steady and straight, with torchbearers on either side.
  5. The bookbearer places the Bible on the altar or missal stand until the Gospel procession.
  6. The choir or other assisting ministers process.
  7. When using two crucifer, Clergy and Layministers would follow the choir and others
  8. If deacons will be used in the service, they process.
  9. The presiding minister always comes last.